1-    NASA Anti freeze and coolant is duel performance product the Automobile and Generators from overheating in summer and protect radiator and engine in winter  from freezing.
2-    Its special rust inhibitors protect the radiator from corrosion, rusted scales.
3-    It can be use in Automobiles and heavy duty diesel and gas generators.
4-    It is perfect for all metals including Aluminum  Radiators.


NASA Anti freeze and coolant is ethylent base product contain rust inhibitor and provide protection to radiator from overheating freezing and from rust and engine block of all type of automobiles diesel  engines and generator.
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-    Make sure all fittings and hoses are tight and in good condition, replace it if necessary.
-    Drain radiator / cooling system and refill with clean water.
-    Run / Start engine for 5 minutes at normal speed. Then turn off the engine. Drain water from the radiator.
-    If radiator is still dirty and rusty, use NASA Radiator Cleaner as per direction.
-    Fill Radiator with Nasa Antifreeze and Coolant ,it is ready to use (do not need to add water)
-    In case Radiator lower the coolant, Add only NASA Antifreeze and Coolant for refilling.

a)    It contain Mono Ethylene Glycol if swallowed please consult doctor immediately ,
b)    Keep out of the reach of children.

                       500ml, 1.Ltr, 2.5Ltr, (25Ltr & 200Ltr Drum)

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